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"Illusions of Grandeur's second album The Siren is a masterclass in progressive theatrical metal. Be sure not to miss their live show - there's a whole different sound to it"

- The Metal Depot -


The Siren was a winged creature with the body of a woman, feet and arms of a bird.

She perched high on the flowery hilltops where she watched over and protected the Goddess Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter.

From the tops of Mount Olympus,

The Siren soared as a God.

One warm, sweet spring solstice, Persephone innocently wandered off through a field of flowers.

Intrigued by one in particular, a magical glowing flower,

she reached out with both hands.

The ground beneath her began to quake and opened into a large hollow.

Confused from the fall, Persephone did not see Hades,

God of the Underworld,

until he was already upon her. Her screams echoed out of reach as Hades pulled her back to the Underworld where he intended to marry her.


The Siren failed in her sworn duty to protect Persephone.

She was stripped of her wings by Goddess Demeter and banished from Mount Olympus to a tiny island off the coast of Sicily. She would remain on earth until she found Persephone and returned her home safely.


This is now the Sirens journey.

She must venture to the Underworld and take Persephone from Hades.

Frightened and alone,

She was lured to the seas,

like a longing, calling to her soul.

Once she reached the shores rocky cliffs, the mist from crashing waves hitting her skin revealed a glimmer of her new flesh, the scales and fins of a water Siren.

She will soon discover all her new found abilities as she sets forth on her journey.

The Siren would learn that when she sang, she was irresistible to mortal men. She could control their minds and use them to build an army. The challenge was unlike any she had faced before. Alone and haunted by her past, if she was to have any chance of success, it would mean pushing herself towards her own self-destruction.


After all, anyone who had ever faced the God of the Underworld has never returned…



The Siren –    Maggie Carlton – Vocals

Archangel –   CM Carroll – Bass



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