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2024 The Siren Rises Tour 2024-25

Updated: Mar 8

Illusions of Grandeur will be return to The road throughout 2024 in the United States, Canada and more, STAY TUNED!

Upcoming Illusions of Grandeur, The Siren Tour 2024:


March 12: the goat, New Orleans, LA

March 13: fancy Lafayette, LA

March 15: downtown Music , Fort Walton Beach, Walton, FL

March 16: the Nick Birmingham, AL

March 17: the cobra, Nashville, TN


May 8: McGarvey's, Altoona, PA

May 9: The Vortex, Akron, OH

May 10: Hamilton St. Pub, Saginaw, MI

Mackinac Island site to visit

May 11: Goat Village, Norridge, IL

May 12: The Ruin, Ft. Wayne, IN

July will be epic with Rock fest and Brewstock and much more, West Coast run will be announced soon as well!

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